Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Purpose of This Blog

Many people think Egypt is an unsafe place to visit.  This is due to many articles in the news about happenings that are going on in Egypt right now.  With that being said, I am writing this blog as my wife and I are planning on a month long trip to Egypt starting this May.  Egypt has always been a "dream destination" of mine.  I remember, when I was quite young, reading books about Egypt and being mesmerized with the culture, the history, and the monuments.  As I grew older, I continued to be interested in Egypt and the culture of its people.  There are few places in the world with such a past as dynamic as Egypt.  And therefore, I decided that it would be where I would go after finishing law school and before beginning my career. 

The purpose of this blog is to
1.  Help me prepare for Egypt, and
2.  to share my travels and experiences with others who are looking to travel to Egypt, and
3.  to give me something to remember this trip by. 

My wife and I are both budget travelers who have visited quite a variety of countries around the world, some for an extended amount of time.  We currently live in New York, and have previously resided in San Francisco.  We have always wished that we would have wrote more extensively about our trips.  By creating a blog, we feel that we can have something to look back on once our trip is finished.  We feel that this will give us something to share with others who are interested in visiting or learning more about Egypt.

We are both students and "budget travelers."  We believe that everyone should aspire to travel to new places and to open their minds about the world around them, no matter what their budget.  We have found that travel can be done inexpensively with enough planning and know how.  With that in mind, we will be staying at budget hostels and inexpensive hotels, eating street food, and cooking things on our own using local ingredients.  This is how we travel, and it lets us to learn a lot more about the people that call the countries we visit "home."  Supplementing this blog will be videos, reviews for restaurants and hotels, and things that we missed but would like to see if we return.  But, as this is being written, we are in the planning stages for this trip and will be talking a lot about what and where we want to see, and sharing with our readers the links and research that we find on Egypt.  If you have something to share, or if you have a website that is relevant to visiting Egypt, please let us know, and we will share it.  It is our goal to make this site a key resource for those who are planning on visiting Egypt in the future.

Currently, Egypt is considered a dangerous place to visit to some based on media reports.  While there is a great amount of instability right now in Egypt, we have supplemented our knowledge with first hand reports from travelers who are currently in Egypt.  Many people who are visiting Egypt right now will tell you, first hand, that they are enjoying themselves and see no reason to not visit.  Egypt relies greatly on tourism and it only hurts the country more when people do not visit.  In fact, I have read stories that state that the big sites like the Pyramids at Giza, the Karnack temple complex, and other places are deserted now compared to how they were a few years ago.  This only tells me that this is a great time to visit Egypt.  When else in my life would I have the opportunity to go to such a dynamic place and be able to see some of the greatest sites of the ancient world without the crowds that generally visit? 

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